Master Fitness Trainer / Nutritonal Consultant
Improving your Life by changing your Lifestyle
Improving your Life by changing your Lifestyle
Motivation, Inspiration and Dedication
Motivation, Inspiration and Dedication
Functional Training improves your Daily Activities
Functional Training improves your Daily Activities
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You have to meet him to know how motivating and helpful he is

I’ve always been a slim, skinny, scrawny guy and it’s something that bothered me a lot over the decade. It had affected my confidence and I’d shy away from in doing regular things such as hanging out in public or events or dressing up, showing some skin etc.

But over the past year, I’ve gone ahead from from that slim, skinny, scrawny look to proudly wearing half sleeve shirts and t-shirts. Today, I am running, biking, swimming, working out with Kettlebells, dumbbells, machines at the gym and eating well. Today, I feel I am a contender to not just 5k or 10 milers or half marathon races, but do as cool events as Triathlons and weights (wait till I show you some new working out photos of mine) and you’ll have quite am astonishing look towards me. I’ve become a lot bigger and stronger and bursting with confidence. I still have a lot to go but my momentum says I am in for the long haul and have nowhere to go but up.

I have to give thanks and credits to the support and inspiration from friends, trainers, my effort to running, gym, sauna, attending triathlon events and my effort to supporting people in return. Although, I’ve had various trainers in the past, I want to acknowledge my current trainer Mansur. He is the best to date. Mainly because he does both cardio and weights unlike most others who do just one or the other. But you have to meet him to know how motivating and helpful he is. He is very knowledgeable and has always given me the resources and insight to be successful with my Health & Fitness achievements!
– Bipin Badhe, Consultant, Washington, DC

A pleasure to work with, always cheerful and always encouraging.

I recently completed 24 personal training sessions with trainer Mansur Mendizabal and want to tell you what a great job he does. I was reticent about trying personal training based on past experiences and also my perception that it probably just wasn't for me. However, my mind was changed after my new member free session with Mansur. Can't say enough good things about him. But I will try.
"First we talked about what I was looking for from PT. Then he told me about his philosophy of training. Then we got started. The combination of metabolic training, whole body exercises and a wide variety of exercises emphasizing not only strength and endurance, but balance and coordination, kept me interested, motivated, and feeling better every day. This was a real confidence builder for me. Mansur had me doing exercises I would never have attempted on my own. We rarely did the same exercise twice. Every day was something new. My body responded, my legs have never been so strong or my endurance so great. I noticed the changes throughout the day at work and at home, changes in stamina, flexibility and mobility. I can't wait to get started with him again.
"He's a talented guy, a pleasure to work with, always cheerful and always encouraging. I would recommend him to anybody who is looking for a creative approach to personal training. I'm sure you all appreciate him, but I want to let you know how much I appreciate everything he has done for me.
– Gary Edwards, Washington, DC

Mansur--aka the Greatness-- deserves tons of the credit...

Mansur Mendizabal is the best. Since I started training with him, I have lost over 20 pounds and kept it off for over two years. I am 48 years old: in the best shape of life and look better than ever. Mansur--aka the Greatness-- deserves tons of the credit for helping me get there. Mansur has created his own training system that he calls functional training. Through one minute drills, he works your entire body in one hour or less, focusing on strength, cardio, and, agility. He pays special attention to core strength. Even thought I had been training for years, my first session with Mansur knocked me on my ass. Over time, though, I have made amazing gains. I now wear a weight vest during my sessions and can do multiple one minutes sets of medicine ball push ups with my feet on a Bosu. It blows me away. My self esteem has never been better and I have tons more energy than I used to. Plus, Mansur makes training fun. He has a great sense of humor and is a master story teller. I highly recommend him has a trainer. Start now and have fun.
– Rob Wing, Washington, DC

Every day I was blown away by his wealth of knowledge

It's refreshing to know that there are still trainers out in the world who are as dedicated to their clients as Mansur. I was fortunate to train with him for a couple of months, and every day I was blown away by his wealth of knowledge. Being in the military, I was familiar with many popular workout routines. Mansur brought his game every day and customized new workouts for me on a daily basis. That's a pretty hard task to accomplish, trust me. I was getting bored with my routine, and Mansur showed me so many new ways to approach fitness. He especially helped me out with upper-body strength and integrating my core. Every day he brought a positive attitude, which boosted my workouts immensely! Always cracking a smile and sharing funny stories, but at the same time focusing all of his energy on my workout session. I've gained so much, both through my physical appearance/strength, but also with the variety of workout routines that I've learned over the past two months. I can't thank you enough Mansur! You're the man!
– Mark Iverson, Marine, Washington, DC

You were not only my trainer but my Hero

I hope you realize what a difference you make in your clients lives. For me I was coming back after several health issues: Back Surgery, Stroke, Heart disease Hypothyroid disease and a Total knee replacement. I was scared and discouraged. You have given me expert advice that only a top rated trainer can give. I will miss you but hope to get a session in every month so that I can continue with my progress. You were not only my trainer but my Hero and I thank you for your effort, your experience, your drive, your silliness and your dedication. Please don’t ever lose that sparkle and that determination that is evident in your actions and your words.

Thank You for helping me

“Make It Happen”

– Karen Vogel Washington, DC

He knew exactly how to push me beyond what I thought was my potential.

When you meet Mansur, you can tell right away that he is passionate about fitness. Even at our first session, he knew exactly how to push me beyond what I thought was my potential. We’ve been training regularly for over a year. At each session I still learn something new to apply when I exercise on my own. I appreciate that he takes the time to explain how each exercise works and to make sure that my form is correct. I’m much more confident, fit and stronger.
– Christina Parascandola, Attorney, Washington, DC

His dedication to clients and passion for training is unmatched

I have been training with Mansur for over 5 years. His approach to training fits my lifestyle and goals. Mansur crafted a personalized routine aimed at raising my energy levels, which has been invaluable given the physically demanding nature of my job. Furthermore, I am able to take the exercises and techniques Mansur teaches me on the road. His dedication to clients and passion for training is unmatched.
– Patrick Greene, Producer/Director, Washington, DC

Thanks for keeping me inspired Mansur Mendizabal.

Wearing a mini-dress I had stashed away four years ago on one of those magic lamp wishes that some day I would lose weight and it would fit again. I've now dropped from a 16 to a 12, and I'm feeling stronger and more fit every day. Thanks for keeping me inspired Mansur Mendizabal.
– Dahlia Aguilar, Washington, DC

The time you spend with him will be a bright spot in your day!

Mansur is always upbeat no matter what. Aside from the great variety of exercises he will develop for your workouts and the exceptional encouragement he will give you, the time you spend with him will be a bright spot in your day!

– Deborah Ziska, Chief of Press National Galery of Art, Washington, DC

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